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Dual Pricing

Dual Pricing

Eliminate credit card processing fees with dual pricing. This program incentivizes your clientele to pay with cash by offering a lower price on cash payments vs. card payments. Offering a cash price and a card price keeps your prices low while also covering the continually rising cost of payment processing fees.

Cash Price

Allows you to keep the prices of your products and services low

Card Price

When non-cash paying customers choose to pay they’ll qualify for the card price which has all merchant service fees baked-in to ensure you never pay processing fees

Fuel stations have been implementing this program for decades

It gives your customer options - It's not just better for you, it's better for your customers

Legal & Compliant in all 50 States

We offer our customers 
a Card Price and a discounted Cash Price

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Traditional Pricing

Traditional Pricing

Save money with Interchange Plus, Flat Rate, or Subscription pricing models

Interchange Plus

Pay actual cost with a small transparent markup

Flat Rate

Same rate regardless of the card type or how you accept it


Monthly membership model

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